Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Group shot of all the kids!

Cutest Skunk EVER and my sweet little Jaycie!
Most people didnt know who Coraline was but Remi was still really proud of her costume the boots were a pain in my side for the past 2 weeks! WHY dont stores sell yellow boots?? we finally ended up painting some red boots from Walmart to match..

WOW another super busy weekend! My caravan class went great on Friday, we are getting a grove with these kids! I am just so happy to be helping with this class, the kids learned about having a shield of armour for the Lord. Saturday was our fall festival it was the first year the Bridge did it and it was so so much FUN, I helped with the Womens ministry booth which was a bowling game, the day started off really windy, but it calmed down and was a success. Then I helped at the hamburger/hot dog stand, and then got to hang out a little bit with friends. Casey even got to work a booth all on his own I think he even enjoyed himself. My girls had so much fun! We ended the night at Jen's with taco salads and trick or treating. My sister and her family and my friends Amy and Miranda came too. This was definity a top 5 for us! We made it to church this morning, having an extra hour of sleep made it easier, the message was for me, it was about forgiveness and how it doesnt hurt anyone but you to hold grudges, it doesnot hurt the other person for you to be mad and upset, but it does you. If you want the Lord's forgiveness you have to give forgiveness. I am so grateful for my church. I am blessed everyday by the friends I have made at the Bridge.

anyway here is a few pics from the weekend. We have spirit week at school this week and I need to find Reagan some Pj's for tomorrow.. Bad mommy didnt buy her any :(

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Great weekend!

Had a great weekend! Started my new caravan class at school. It is working with 1st and 2nd graders teaching them a Bible lesson then making a project finish with a snack. We will be earning badges and having lots of FUN!

Then went to a womens and teens event called VERY FUN! It was like a Christian Concert for teens, Rainy had a BLAST 6,000 screaming teens! WOW my ears were ringing! then took Rainy to the gym to see the grils volleyball sleep over she wasnt able to stay since she wanted to get back to the Revolve concert, at 8 am. I had to go to Remi's last soccer game, and then was able to go back to the concert I had my moms and Daisy's tickets and was able to take Remi and Reagan, they were so schocked it was so much fun for me to take them to their first concert, and we got to go for FREE, the tickets were 54.00 a piece, but a church had ordered too many and gave our church 10 for free, we were so blessed being able to go, and I learned a few things too. I think Rainy got alot out of it too! I will be going to more of these things for sure! Today was a great service at church, then Laura and Jeremy and Jack able to come over and have tacos. Great weekend and I am ready to face a busy busy week ahead! Reagan biggest show of the year is sat. and we have 3 practices this week, Rainy has 2 games, I will only be able to go to Thursdays game but I look forward to seeing her play we worked on her serves today she needs to learn to take her aggression out on the ball. she just cannot seem to get it over the next. Ok need to get to bed, didnt get much cleaning done this weekend but have some GREAT memories and spent some family time with my girls!! OH almost forgot I was so hally to find some paper racks for $5.00, now I need to get my scrapping stuff organized. Will post pics as soon as I get it straightened up..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First time cutting fabric with the Cricut

WOW this was so much fun!! it cost me less than $3.50 to make. I cannot wait to make some shirts to match the little skirts I love to sew... I used the cricut to cute the letters it was easy too!!

FUN day scrapping!

here is my girl in her first game!
Remi is on the soccer team she picked #10 since she turned 10 a couple weeks ago.

here is my baby and my nephew taking a bath together, the page is titled a whale of a good time

Remi softball spring 08..

just a easy layout of my little guy Jackson

Little Jaycie looking cute as always..

Got a chance to go to Jens to scrap this past weekend WOW I had a blast, and I got a few pages done. I get so much more done when I am not at home lol.. here is a few layouts I got done...

On another note it has been almost a month since I updated, it is end of the first quarter, kids did great in school well at least I know Remi and Reagan did, Reagan is struggling in her spelling, but has a good attitude and doesnt have any problems, I do need to make an eye appt. the teacher thinks she needs to be checked out her writing is consistantly above the line. anyway Remi has a 3.0 I do not expect her to keep that up but it sure feels good for now, she is really trying this year more so than in the past, she is becoming responsible. Rainy is doing really good too Ill post a picture from her Volleyball games, she has only played for about 3 mins combined but it is so exciting to see her out there trying, she is so supportinve of her team and just LOVES being there apart of something, I never could have done it when I was that age. She is a wonderful daughter I love her so much. OK enough mushy mom stuff.

My sister in law is coming back from Iraq Sat or Sunday so far we are not sure the plan has been changed but I have learned from the military things change all the time~ I get to take my nieces to pick her up and hopefully we can go to dinner or lunch and celebrate. She has been gone for 4 months. That is a long for a 7 and 9 year old. They are such strong kids, I am proud of how good they deal with the situations life has dealt them, I hope somehow all my time with them has helped make them into the young ladies they are growing into. I pray for them everyday several times, my heart is always with them.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11

Here is a pic of the girls this morning, it was just a week before my niece was born.. We will never forget. The school asked all the kids to dress in patriotic colors.

On another note I am trying to get all my birthday cards for the month done, I have 6 birthdays in a week!! Oh and I got the Sport Mania cart. today now I can do our soccer, volleyball, swimming and softball pics.. ;)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

happy late labor day..

used lyrical letters for this one the jumbo font LOVE IT

mickey font and locker talk

OK so I am slow at posting but here is a few layouts and cards I did this past weekend, I used the wild card cartridge to make the cards, then some other cartridges for the layouts. thanks for looking.. I had fun making these.. oh and on a side note and got the new kitchen cartridge and the new sweethearts cartridge thanks for my husband!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

BIrthday invites..

My nephews and Jaycies birthday is coming up here is the card I made for the birthday show and their invations.. Thanks to my sister and Jen for letting me make these they were fun to make! I used Wild card, Sesame Street, Doodlecharms and Cuttin up and Alphalious and Lyrical Letters. :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

a few layouts from the weekend

got a few layouts done finally! using Don Juan, Graphically speaking, Lyrical Letters, and beyond birthdays.. ENJOY! boy it feels so good to get something done!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Haileys new earrings.. almost 5 months old

Jaycies is moved to the big kids table :) 11 months old

No much going on havent got to scrap or make anything in weeks. I hope I get some time soon or I am going to go crazy..
Here is big Hayley looking cute before school ;)

But a little update, the kids have been back in school a week, they are doing good, I am so proud of Jillian she hasnt shed a tear, she runs to her classroom and doesnt look back.

Things are going with my 3 babies, Jaycie is learing to play a little person and baby Hailey is so sweet she got her ears pierced and here is a few pics from today. Thanks for reading ;)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First day of school 2009

My little girl is off to High school I could just cry thinking about it. I did pretty good this year holding it all in, last year I was a hot mess taking Reagan to kindergarten. But this year I did alright Karly and Jillian both started and are in different classes. Remi and Hannah are back in the same class this year, 1 year apart wasn't too bad. It was a good first day. Reagan crashed as soon as she got home took a little nap and then did her homework, it is 7:35 now and Remi is still working on hers. She is so behind I don't know how she will ever catch up. I am praying something clicks this year and she "gets it" I hate seeing her struggle year after year. She is such a creative, sweet, funny girl it is terrible seeing her not do as good as she could.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Me and My Teddy Bear

Reagan had a show yesterday, it is the last weekend before school starts, I got to go with my girls and my mom to the movies, and watch G Force. It was a cute little movie I wont buy it but the kids had fun. Than we picked Laura and Jack up and headed over to Reagan's show. Then to mad house Kohl's to use ours Kohl's cash and dinner and home. We got home and Casey heated the spa up for the kids and my mom came over, I made a yummy peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream. It was a good day. Today we did the church thing, and rested. I am doing haircuts later today. My eye is still messed up :( 1 more day till the new school year..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pool Update

Here is my little precious ones yesterday playing outside enjoying the hot summer sun.. Remi lets them run in the water and they go down the slide while she soaks them, I should have got a pic of Jaycie swinging and Remi soaking her. she loved it too!

OK after running the pool for 48 hours and the water not getting any better, we drained and it Casey cleaned it and now filling it back up.. UGH what a waste. Im scared to get the SCE bill.. We basically wasted 3 days trying to filter the disguisting green water. I will feel much better swimming in clean new water, now if we can get the chemicals right filling it back up. Casey is headed to the pool store to get conditioner, chlorine and whatever else it takes. I would much rather buy some stampin' up or kids some school shoes..

Monday, August 3, 2009

First day of my new Job

my cutie pie babies are WALKING!!!

Ok the teachers had to go back to work today, and since I am watching 2 kids of a teacher I started my new job too.. I must say it went really well. Rainy was a big help for me, Jaycie took a 2 hour nap and Hailey took a nap in Rainys arms, I hope to get them all on a schedule once the kids start back next week. I think it is going to work out smoothly just nervous about dropping kids off and picking them up I wont have enough room in my van :( maybe my husband can leave a few minutes later for work and drop a couple of them off for me.. I really enjoy taking them so I dont want to miss out on that :(

Another thing going on in the Smith house is a broken pool :( but got it fixed and working on filtering out all the algea now I was blessed today with the bill being 130.00 LESS than what I had expected!@ probably going to cost me that to run it and get it cleaned out lol.. but I am hoping by the weekend the kids can swim again my tan is fading fast.

Third thing is my middle daughter is starting middle school we and my oldest is starting HIGH SCHOOL! We had orientation tonight I couldnt be at both so Laura took Rainy to hers and I went to Remi's, she got her first locker, and to my surprise she was able to unlock her lock after only a coupld tries. :'( my baby is growing up.. thanks for reading my simple fun life..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back To School Shopping

Well what a day shopping, yesterday we hit Old Navy they are having their friends and family sale, we saved $80.00 with the coupon, then went to Justice and Kohls, the girls got some great things, the Lord blessed our shopping day with some great deals. We were considering soem $39.99 converse, when the lady that works there came to us with some for $10.00! I was so happy and we had a 20% off coupon so we got them for only $8.00! I was really stressing the drive home hitting traffic but we got home in record time no slow downs.. YEAH I love shopping!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Went to the circus last night WOW that was FUN! We didnt have the best seats but it was a great show the kids all loved it!!

This has been a busy week for us, Remi got her tooth pulled I got my hair done and we got some school supplies, I am trying to get the kids out shopping today or tomorrow for backpacks and a couple new things, that was always the best part for me to start school was new stuff. I hope to get a few things created today too.