Wednesday, October 7, 2009

FUN day scrapping!

here is my girl in her first game!
Remi is on the soccer team she picked #10 since she turned 10 a couple weeks ago.

here is my baby and my nephew taking a bath together, the page is titled a whale of a good time

Remi softball spring 08..

just a easy layout of my little guy Jackson

Little Jaycie looking cute as always..

Got a chance to go to Jens to scrap this past weekend WOW I had a blast, and I got a few pages done. I get so much more done when I am not at home lol.. here is a few layouts I got done...

On another note it has been almost a month since I updated, it is end of the first quarter, kids did great in school well at least I know Remi and Reagan did, Reagan is struggling in her spelling, but has a good attitude and doesnt have any problems, I do need to make an eye appt. the teacher thinks she needs to be checked out her writing is consistantly above the line. anyway Remi has a 3.0 I do not expect her to keep that up but it sure feels good for now, she is really trying this year more so than in the past, she is becoming responsible. Rainy is doing really good too Ill post a picture from her Volleyball games, she has only played for about 3 mins combined but it is so exciting to see her out there trying, she is so supportinve of her team and just LOVES being there apart of something, I never could have done it when I was that age. She is a wonderful daughter I love her so much. OK enough mushy mom stuff.

My sister in law is coming back from Iraq Sat or Sunday so far we are not sure the plan has been changed but I have learned from the military things change all the time~ I get to take my nieces to pick her up and hopefully we can go to dinner or lunch and celebrate. She has been gone for 4 months. That is a long for a 7 and 9 year old. They are such strong kids, I am proud of how good they deal with the situations life has dealt them, I hope somehow all my time with them has helped make them into the young ladies they are growing into. I pray for them everyday several times, my heart is always with them.

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