Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Been married 11 years or 4,015 days

red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting YUMMY!!! the toppers say "happy anniversary"

Heart shaped meatloaf. it was delish!

some decorations I hadn't cleaned up when I took the pics..

my banner.. Proud of this one lol..

Horrible picture I know, I didnt put nay make up on or do my hair.. I got so busy cooking, cleaning and decorating I totally forgot I was going to change clothes and look cute.. Oh well next year.

Celebrated our anniversary last night, I have a hard time picking which day to celebrate since we got married on leap year, but since Casey had to work a double on the 28th the decision was made for us...

Here is to many many more years!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Spent Valentines in Los Angelas learning about lung transplants.
WOW we got a ton of info, about 3 1/2 hours listening and asking questions with the transplant coordinator. He has not gotten the approaval from Kaiser yet. Still has a few more tests to do and hopefully on March 8th his doctors will go to the board and present his case for a transplant. If the board approaves the transplant he will go to UCLA and they will have to approave him for a transplant. It seems so hard for this all to work out, there is one thing after another and Dad is so weak, and in so much pain it seems impossible, all the trips back and forth all the test, and then finding the right donor.. I am trying not to be discouraged, I know with God all things are possible and if it is the Lords will then it will all work out in His timing. Just gotta keep praying and being there to encourage my Dad.

Ok next thing my birthday the big "34" wow! half way to 68! I have to start excersizing and eating better! this week I am trying to eat at home more and cook food. I am not a good cook and I do not like cooking, but if I want to be healthy and here for my future grandkids I need to figure it out! and fast. Laura and Jermey and Jack stayed the night Thurdays night (my bday night) Friday me and Laura got breakfast and then I bought myself a Scentsy warmer from Sundae and boy do I love it! it is White and black and so cute! Went to Micheals and spent my gift card from christmas. Had a nice day, it was raining and Luke and the girls came and ending up staying the night, the 8 of us NOT including the little Smiths went thrift store shopping. Talk about funny is Luke going crazy in the Goodwill LOL>. what a hoot! he got like 2 jeans, some workout clothes and some shirts. Only thing is he refuses to try things on! that is rule #325 when thrift shopping..
ok gotta get these babies busy I have 2 days left with Hailey and then she starts preschool. I might have her 4 days in March.
It is a dark cloudy day today. I want to scrap and make some cards so badly.. I am really going to make an effort to do it this weekend! I did complete the backdrop for Mr. Mackenzie for Mr. and Miss BCS I will post pics of that next!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

my First Super Bowl party

So we had a idea to surprise dad at his house and have a party!

After church we got all the stuff together, I made 28 burritos, crab dip and crackers, Laura brought rice krispie treats, and salsa and chips, and Luke made a cheesecake and cottage cheese dip and chips.

around 3 pm we knocked on the door, Kathy was a little mad we didnt let her in on the surprise, but we didnt want to give her a chance to tell us no or to tell dad. Karly was so happy to see everyone she kept bouncing up and down lol..

Dad talked the entire time we were there, just the look on his face was priceless, we had such a blessed time with him, no cussing, no angry words, no on got in a fight, there was no drinking or smoking, just family spending a Sunday together watching the game. The kids mostly played and Jack followed them around. They all came in for the coin toss and the half time show to see Fergie and the Black eyed peas lol.. Such a good time! I pray we have many more!! Here is a group shot..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feb. 2nd 2011

ok so dad got the ok by his doctor for a transplant, he is doing lots of testing this week to see if he can get a new lung. He is really worried and so am I He hasnt been able to do anything for 2 years, he is sitting in his recliner for the past few months not even leaving the house, just walking to the bathroom takes all his strength and then it takes hours for him to gain any strength back. if you are reading this say a prayer for him, he could really use it right now. If he doesn't get a transpant and be able to start living again, pray he finds salvation and peace. He is a good guy, maybe not the best dad, but he is my dad and Luke, Lauras, Katies and karlys dad.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Softball started..

Remi is in softball again for the third year we have games for the next 6 saturday, which for me means snack bar lady. I enjoy running it, kinda like a "real" job lol...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Week 1 with 3 babies

Ok so I was a little nervous to have a newborn again... Maybe I got a little stressed over nothing, this week went great, it was only 3 days but things went well, they all slept well, got along well and the days flew by. I still need to learn time management a little better, and plan meals a better, but the I will say I enjoyed it a little, the baby is just precious! for a second I would consider having another one, she just lays there and smiles at me, when I feed her she stares at me and little drops of milk drip down her chin, it is just so cute... The toddlers fought a little, but it is nothing to compared to a 6 and 7 year old fighting and arguing, and needing constant referring! They will just chill out and play with a baby doll, spend 10 minutes putting their shoes on.. Oh it is also nice that Hailey is potty trained! WOW now if I could just get Jaycie trained my life would be a little easier..

Monday, January 3, 2011

First digital layouts

well finding time and space to scrap has really been hard for me the past few months so I decided to take the digital route and see how I like that, here is my first layouts and I must say I am really enjoying this! they are a little more pricey to get printed out in a 12x12 size so I might go to 8x8 and see how that works out for me. I used Photoshop elements 9 (there is a free 30 day trial) thru adobe, and I use a couple free kits I downloaded online and I bought a kit from 2peas.