Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Group shot of all the kids!

Cutest Skunk EVER and my sweet little Jaycie!
Most people didnt know who Coraline was but Remi was still really proud of her costume the boots were a pain in my side for the past 2 weeks! WHY dont stores sell yellow boots?? we finally ended up painting some red boots from Walmart to match..

WOW another super busy weekend! My caravan class went great on Friday, we are getting a grove with these kids! I am just so happy to be helping with this class, the kids learned about having a shield of armour for the Lord. Saturday was our fall festival it was the first year the Bridge did it and it was so so much FUN, I helped with the Womens ministry booth which was a bowling game, the day started off really windy, but it calmed down and was a success. Then I helped at the hamburger/hot dog stand, and then got to hang out a little bit with friends. Casey even got to work a booth all on his own I think he even enjoyed himself. My girls had so much fun! We ended the night at Jen's with taco salads and trick or treating. My sister and her family and my friends Amy and Miranda came too. This was definity a top 5 for us! We made it to church this morning, having an extra hour of sleep made it easier, the message was for me, it was about forgiveness and how it doesnt hurt anyone but you to hold grudges, it doesnot hurt the other person for you to be mad and upset, but it does you. If you want the Lord's forgiveness you have to give forgiveness. I am so grateful for my church. I am blessed everyday by the friends I have made at the Bridge.

anyway here is a few pics from the weekend. We have spirit week at school this week and I need to find Reagan some Pj's for tomorrow.. Bad mommy didnt buy her any :(

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