Sunday, October 18, 2009

Great weekend!

Had a great weekend! Started my new caravan class at school. It is working with 1st and 2nd graders teaching them a Bible lesson then making a project finish with a snack. We will be earning badges and having lots of FUN!

Then went to a womens and teens event called VERY FUN! It was like a Christian Concert for teens, Rainy had a BLAST 6,000 screaming teens! WOW my ears were ringing! then took Rainy to the gym to see the grils volleyball sleep over she wasnt able to stay since she wanted to get back to the Revolve concert, at 8 am. I had to go to Remi's last soccer game, and then was able to go back to the concert I had my moms and Daisy's tickets and was able to take Remi and Reagan, they were so schocked it was so much fun for me to take them to their first concert, and we got to go for FREE, the tickets were 54.00 a piece, but a church had ordered too many and gave our church 10 for free, we were so blessed being able to go, and I learned a few things too. I think Rainy got alot out of it too! I will be going to more of these things for sure! Today was a great service at church, then Laura and Jeremy and Jack able to come over and have tacos. Great weekend and I am ready to face a busy busy week ahead! Reagan biggest show of the year is sat. and we have 3 practices this week, Rainy has 2 games, I will only be able to go to Thursdays game but I look forward to seeing her play we worked on her serves today she needs to learn to take her aggression out on the ball. she just cannot seem to get it over the next. Ok need to get to bed, didnt get much cleaning done this weekend but have some GREAT memories and spent some family time with my girls!! OH almost forgot I was so hally to find some paper racks for $5.00, now I need to get my scrapping stuff organized. Will post pics as soon as I get it straightened up..

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