Monday, August 3, 2009

First day of my new Job

my cutie pie babies are WALKING!!!

Ok the teachers had to go back to work today, and since I am watching 2 kids of a teacher I started my new job too.. I must say it went really well. Rainy was a big help for me, Jaycie took a 2 hour nap and Hailey took a nap in Rainys arms, I hope to get them all on a schedule once the kids start back next week. I think it is going to work out smoothly just nervous about dropping kids off and picking them up I wont have enough room in my van :( maybe my husband can leave a few minutes later for work and drop a couple of them off for me.. I really enjoy taking them so I dont want to miss out on that :(

Another thing going on in the Smith house is a broken pool :( but got it fixed and working on filtering out all the algea now I was blessed today with the bill being 130.00 LESS than what I had expected!@ probably going to cost me that to run it and get it cleaned out lol.. but I am hoping by the weekend the kids can swim again my tan is fading fast.

Third thing is my middle daughter is starting middle school we and my oldest is starting HIGH SCHOOL! We had orientation tonight I couldnt be at both so Laura took Rainy to hers and I went to Remi's, she got her first locker, and to my surprise she was able to unlock her lock after only a coupld tries. :'( my baby is growing up.. thanks for reading my simple fun life..

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