Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First day of school 2009

My little girl is off to High school I could just cry thinking about it. I did pretty good this year holding it all in, last year I was a hot mess taking Reagan to kindergarten. But this year I did alright Karly and Jillian both started and are in different classes. Remi and Hannah are back in the same class this year, 1 year apart wasn't too bad. It was a good first day. Reagan crashed as soon as she got home took a little nap and then did her homework, it is 7:35 now and Remi is still working on hers. She is so behind I don't know how she will ever catch up. I am praying something clicks this year and she "gets it" I hate seeing her struggle year after year. She is such a creative, sweet, funny girl it is terrible seeing her not do as good as she could.

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