Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ten Years of Marital Bliss

celebrated our anniversary this weekend. had a good time did something we have never done before spend the WHOLE day at the movies, seen Valentines Day, and Dear John both good show. We tried to watch shutter island but just couldnt do it, too much violence and cursing for me :( I like Leo but not enough to have nightmares.. We also used a gift card Casey got for Christmas for Lucilles it was good food! Laura and Jeremy came by had a couple drinks with us to celebrate it was a good way to celebrate 10 year!! Hopefully by our 12th anniversary we can really do something special.
Got more big news Remi made Miss BCS I am so happy for her, we had no idea she was going to get it so we went looking for a nice dress today no luck hopefully we can go this week and find her something nice. Rainy was nominated this year but didn't win. Elementary is not a vote the teacher picks who will receive it. Rainy 's class mates voted for who would win.
HUMM let me think what else happened this week.. Not too much. only 2 weeks till spring break time is flying by! We will be in summer before you know it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter Camp 2010

the youth in the snow!!
ready for the snow!!


all my little friends at my birthday party :)

Rainy is home.. had a great time in the mountains!

Finished the softball season, and did a scrapping with Tina. It was a good weekend it went by too fast but most do.

Got good news about the house this week too, looks like we are getting it. so I need to get the loan worked out soon. I procrastinate too much :/

Oh it was my birthday too!! I am now 33 years young. I had a good day, my sister brought me a big top cupcake I will post pics. and she brought me PIZZA my favorite!! This was one of my better birthdays, oh I went with Amy, Sharon, Miranda, Liz, Hannah, Hayley, and all my babysitting kids to DQ!! It was a fun treat and I got to spend it with alll my friends..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines day 2010

how could I forget I got my hair done!!! Sundae hooked me up! I feel so much better havent been in a salon for a year :( but looking good now. best 75.00 I coiuld have spent on myself!

my tulips and candy from casey and the girls

Jeremy's made me the berries sooo yummy!!!

Great 4 day weekend!! Started friday took all kids to eye dr. ordered Rainy new glasses, the other 2 are fine, Remi's are just a year old and didnt change much, Reagan is 20/20 so great news! then we all got to go to Disney my mom came too and so did Casey, we meet Sharon, Miranda and Edy there spend a couple hours with them, then had a nice dinner in CA adventure, headed over to Disney and watched the fireworks show seen Tinkerbell fly and had a great night! We didnt get home till close to midnight, then up early sat for softball, Remi had 2 games since last sat. it was raining. We didnt home till 1. took a nap then out for some FUN!! Mom watched all the kids so we could go to dinner, went to my favorite place BJ's shared a yummy pizza!! Our dvr didnt record the season premier of Survivor so we watched it at my moms, again didnt get home till after midnight! WOW 2 late nights in a row. Missed church today, completly spent in till after 10 I never do that! but I took 2 tylenol PM before I went to bed at 1 am and they really worked! my nexk has been killing me, after carrying my heavy purse around disney it was really bugging me, I want to find a cute bag for my trips to disney something to hold snacks and my $$ and keys and sunglasses.. It is so hard for me to find a purse/bag I like..

Ok today was the actual Valentines day so after Jeremy and my mom got off work we went to Qdoba and had a nice dinner, we all had coupons and we were due for a free meal on our rewards card so it was cheap too! Then for a treat went to Nubi, and to our surprise it was buy 1 get 1 free!! what a nice treat! I got to run in Joanns and get a new paper stack from k&co yummy purples my favorite!! Then in true lafamila style we all 8 went to the 99 cent store lol.. talk about FUN times!! everyone got to pick out goodies!!! My sis splurged and got 4 pairs of sunglasses lol.. so funny they still had the 16.99 price tags from khols amd target.. too much fun!

Ok and I amso spolied too Jeremy made me the best ever chocolate covered strawberries they were the best ever!! I did share too.. Casey and the girls got me 3 tulips and some SEES candy.. YUMMY im am so blessed to have them!!

OK and I am soo glad I have 1 more day off!! NO KIDS Reagan went with Laura to spend the night I am hoping to make something in the morning.. I just need to get in there and WORK!

gonna be a good short week for me, Misty's dad died on thursday so I dont think I will have her kids this week maybe I will get to hit a coule thrift stores and find some goodies to sell..

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Stupid Bowl...

who the heck cares?? cant stand football.. bunch of men running around after a ball.. boring!!

Ok enough, had a rough week a bunch of sick babies.. It is so draining day after of wiping noses, listening to coughing, and my poor babies feeling miserable. Im ready for a happy week. Hopefully they all got rest and better this weekend. Poor Jack has his first antibiotics, he has a ear infection :( I had my nieces this weekend and we made their valentines for their classmates. Didnt turn out as creative as I would have liked but oh well they tried and I got to use some stamps and ink. I feel I just collect stuff more than use it.

Oh I have to say my hubby made me delicious homemade mac n cheese!! it was so yummy too! even the kids chowed down and they dont like mac at all..

Not much else going on, rained all day friday and saturday.. This is a short week only 4 days of school and 4 days off yeah!! then my birthday. It really is kind a buzz kill having a birthday, valentines and anniversary all within 2 week of each other :( I am working on filing our taxes so I might buy my self something I would love to get my hair done. I bought a box of dye at target yesterday but just cant bring myself to put it on I really want a change. I want to be a blonde, and a new style. I hate the pony tail I always put in.. I am so boring I need a makover... Ok enough complaining. gotta clean up a little the morning is coming fast!!!