Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pool Update

Here is my little precious ones yesterday playing outside enjoying the hot summer sun.. Remi lets them run in the water and they go down the slide while she soaks them, I should have got a pic of Jaycie swinging and Remi soaking her. she loved it too!

OK after running the pool for 48 hours and the water not getting any better, we drained and it Casey cleaned it and now filling it back up.. UGH what a waste. Im scared to get the SCE bill.. We basically wasted 3 days trying to filter the disguisting green water. I will feel much better swimming in clean new water, now if we can get the chemicals right filling it back up. Casey is headed to the pool store to get conditioner, chlorine and whatever else it takes. I would much rather buy some stampin' up or kids some school shoes..

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