Saturday, July 24, 2010

Update 7-24-2010

WOW summer is headed to an end, the kids go back to school in 17 days, this is the hardest time on the year for me, I enjoy my summer so much, spending so much time with my kids, we have had 1 of the best summers ever. No little babies to be tied down with, I only have my nieces every other week so they are not getting burned out with eachother. There is still alot I wish we could do but we have had a great time sleeping in, staying up late, swimming, watching movies, swimming, hanging out, swimming, and more swimming. seems like we have been out in the pool most of the summer, since there is no air conditioner in the house it is too hot to be cooped up in here so we head out to the pool.. get the kids tired out, we take a rest, and the day is pretty much over.

Casey has been working more than he has ever worked before, he worked 96 hours in 7 days a couple weeks ago! that was a really tough week but I am really proud of him for pulling thru. He is averaging 3-4 doubles and a saturday or sunday once a week.. It is really helping getting our bills paid and a little set aside. I have been house hunting and so far not much luck, we put in 1 offer but I doubt we will get it. that would be too easy if we did.. it is a 4 bedroom 2 bath, with a beatiful pool, and it is just around the corner from this house. I could be happy there I think oh the best thing is the price 155,000.. they were asking 139,000 so we offered 155,000.. it needs a little work, like to build my scrapbook room in the garage, but there is plenty of room for it and still park my van in there.. there is also rv parking on the side of the house if Casey ever gets the boat he wants.. Just a thought..

OK Rainy leaves for camp tomorrow for a week so I am on my own next week.. we are going to the water park on wednesday, and watch the play in the park tuesday or thursday..

Have to start BTS shopping soon too!

Remi is sick today so we didnt do much but relax..

Casey surprised me by getting me a new Dooney purse and wallet.. It is gorgeous!!! Red leather, HUGE size and the strap is perfect lenght for me! I LOVE IT, I have wanted a red purse for a few years, just never found the right one!! I will post pics soon!