Sunday, January 9, 2011

Softball started..

Remi is in softball again for the third year we have games for the next 6 saturday, which for me means snack bar lady. I enjoy running it, kinda like a "real" job lol...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Week 1 with 3 babies

Ok so I was a little nervous to have a newborn again... Maybe I got a little stressed over nothing, this week went great, it was only 3 days but things went well, they all slept well, got along well and the days flew by. I still need to learn time management a little better, and plan meals a better, but the I will say I enjoyed it a little, the baby is just precious! for a second I would consider having another one, she just lays there and smiles at me, when I feed her she stares at me and little drops of milk drip down her chin, it is just so cute... The toddlers fought a little, but it is nothing to compared to a 6 and 7 year old fighting and arguing, and needing constant referring! They will just chill out and play with a baby doll, spend 10 minutes putting their shoes on.. Oh it is also nice that Hailey is potty trained! WOW now if I could just get Jaycie trained my life would be a little easier..

Monday, January 3, 2011

First digital layouts

well finding time and space to scrap has really been hard for me the past few months so I decided to take the digital route and see how I like that, here is my first layouts and I must say I am really enjoying this! they are a little more pricey to get printed out in a 12x12 size so I might go to 8x8 and see how that works out for me. I used Photoshop elements 9 (there is a free 30 day trial) thru adobe, and I use a couple free kits I downloaded online and I bought a kit from 2peas.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Finally a room make-over


OK the kitchen hasnt happend as fast as we would like it to but things come up, so today we finally got to do something to the house to make it "ours." Cost about 100.00 for 2 shelves and a bar.. and we kinda picked a lame spot for the bar because I wont be able to get things on the top shelve unless it is really slim without taking the bar down, BUT my goal is to NOT have a millon thigns hanging up there like at my old house. I have been working so hard to keep this place cleaned up and slightly organized. I hasve thrown out about 10 truck loads of things either in my moms dumpster or taken to the Goodwill.
Stay tuned for more room make overs ;) Happy New Year 2011