Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ten Years of Marital Bliss

celebrated our anniversary this weekend. had a good time did something we have never done before spend the WHOLE day at the movies, seen Valentines Day, and Dear John both good show. We tried to watch shutter island but just couldnt do it, too much violence and cursing for me :( I like Leo but not enough to have nightmares.. We also used a gift card Casey got for Christmas for Lucilles it was good food! Laura and Jeremy came by had a couple drinks with us to celebrate it was a good way to celebrate 10 year!! Hopefully by our 12th anniversary we can really do something special.
Got more big news Remi made Miss BCS I am so happy for her, we had no idea she was going to get it so we went looking for a nice dress today no luck hopefully we can go this week and find her something nice. Rainy was nominated this year but didn't win. Elementary is not a vote the teacher picks who will receive it. Rainy 's class mates voted for who would win.
HUMM let me think what else happened this week.. Not too much. only 2 weeks till spring break time is flying by! We will be in summer before you know it.

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