Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Stupid Bowl...

who the heck cares?? cant stand football.. bunch of men running around after a ball.. boring!!

Ok enough, had a rough week a bunch of sick babies.. It is so draining day after of wiping noses, listening to coughing, and my poor babies feeling miserable. Im ready for a happy week. Hopefully they all got rest and better this weekend. Poor Jack has his first antibiotics, he has a ear infection :( I had my nieces this weekend and we made their valentines for their classmates. Didnt turn out as creative as I would have liked but oh well they tried and I got to use some stamps and ink. I feel I just collect stuff more than use it.

Oh I have to say my hubby made me delicious homemade mac n cheese!! it was so yummy too! even the kids chowed down and they dont like mac at all..

Not much else going on, rained all day friday and saturday.. This is a short week only 4 days of school and 4 days off yeah!! then my birthday. It really is kind a buzz kill having a birthday, valentines and anniversary all within 2 week of each other :( I am working on filing our taxes so I might buy my self something I would love to get my hair done. I bought a box of dye at target yesterday but just cant bring myself to put it on I really want a change. I want to be a blonde, and a new style. I hate the pony tail I always put in.. I am so boring I need a makover... Ok enough complaining. gotta clean up a little the morning is coming fast!!!

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