Sunday, March 7, 2010

So. Cal Womens Retreat

My first nazaren conference and it was a blast!! I learned so much and feel so much closer to the women of the church. Had a fantastic speaker, it was like the Lord the knew just what I needed and sent her there, saturday was on compassion and how to comfort others, I have been praying for the right words to speak when someone is in need and it was just perfect! Friday night was about contintment and WOW this is such a weak spot for me, I am alway looking for more, never satisfied, seems everyday there is something new I WANT and just have to have if I just get 1 more thing than I am done, but I am not every happy or contint after that. I need about 1 year of contintment classes but it was a good lesson and I am so glad I got to hear the Word in with the lesson.

Sat. night was about leaving your legacy and how you want to be remembered, and that is why I scrapbook I want my pictures have stories and meaning behind them, when I went thru my grandmothers pictures after she passed we had idea who or where or what was going on in the pictures. I need to make sure my girls know everything, and what I dont tell them in words I need to show them in my actions, If I dont want them to drink and get tattoos I need to model that behavior for them I do not want future generations to see me as a person with no morals or integrity. So I am going to make an effort if it isnt gratify to the Lord than I dont want to do it. I do not want to explain to the Lord why I didnt do better with my kids. and set a better example. anyway sat night we had a little party in the hotel room, we had 22 women in one room! what a fun time bonding and learning about other womens. I never had very many girl"friends" and dont really understand the whole friend thing, but from I am seeing most of us are the same, and we all dont feel 100% of the time that we fit in just right. and people might appear to have it all or do everything but we dont really know what is going on in their lives. I need to make a better effort to reach out to the women of the church and get to know them better and let them know me.

ok and Sunday morning was some wonderful victory stories and praise and prayer. What a good time that was. next year I want Laura to come and hopefully my mom can come the whole time, she was able to come half the time and fill in for someone that got sick. I was blessed and my trip was paid for, maybe I can pass on the blessing to someone one year ;)

Casey had the girls all weekend and took them to see alice in wonderland.. they did real good, I came home to homemade cookies!!! What a weekend I am exhausted and need sleep!

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