Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines day 2010

how could I forget I got my hair done!!! Sundae hooked me up! I feel so much better havent been in a salon for a year :( but looking good now. best 75.00 I coiuld have spent on myself!

my tulips and candy from casey and the girls

Jeremy's made me the berries sooo yummy!!!

Great 4 day weekend!! Started friday took all kids to eye dr. ordered Rainy new glasses, the other 2 are fine, Remi's are just a year old and didnt change much, Reagan is 20/20 so great news! then we all got to go to Disney my mom came too and so did Casey, we meet Sharon, Miranda and Edy there spend a couple hours with them, then had a nice dinner in CA adventure, headed over to Disney and watched the fireworks show seen Tinkerbell fly and had a great night! We didnt get home till close to midnight, then up early sat for softball, Remi had 2 games since last sat. it was raining. We didnt home till 1. took a nap then out for some FUN!! Mom watched all the kids so we could go to dinner, went to my favorite place BJ's shared a yummy pizza!! Our dvr didnt record the season premier of Survivor so we watched it at my moms, again didnt get home till after midnight! WOW 2 late nights in a row. Missed church today, completly spent in till after 10 I never do that! but I took 2 tylenol PM before I went to bed at 1 am and they really worked! my nexk has been killing me, after carrying my heavy purse around disney it was really bugging me, I want to find a cute bag for my trips to disney something to hold snacks and my $$ and keys and sunglasses.. It is so hard for me to find a purse/bag I like..

Ok today was the actual Valentines day so after Jeremy and my mom got off work we went to Qdoba and had a nice dinner, we all had coupons and we were due for a free meal on our rewards card so it was cheap too! Then for a treat went to Nubi, and to our surprise it was buy 1 get 1 free!! what a nice treat! I got to run in Joanns and get a new paper stack from k&co yummy purples my favorite!! Then in true lafamila style we all 8 went to the 99 cent store lol.. talk about FUN times!! everyone got to pick out goodies!!! My sis splurged and got 4 pairs of sunglasses lol.. so funny they still had the 16.99 price tags from khols amd target.. too much fun!

Ok and I amso spolied too Jeremy made me the best ever chocolate covered strawberries they were the best ever!! I did share too.. Casey and the girls got me 3 tulips and some SEES candy.. YUMMY im am so blessed to have them!!

OK and I am soo glad I have 1 more day off!! NO KIDS Reagan went with Laura to spend the night I am hoping to make something in the morning.. I just need to get in there and WORK!

gonna be a good short week for me, Misty's dad died on thursday so I dont think I will have her kids this week maybe I will get to hit a coule thrift stores and find some goodies to sell..

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