Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well tomorrow we will be in February! I am trying to plan something for our anniversary, it is really hard to think of something to do when you are broke but by the time it comes we should have our income tax money back. I would love to go spend the night somewhere and see a show or do something. 10 years is a long time. When we took or honey moon it was for a 23 hour long trip. We went to Vegas for less than a day!! My little one was 5 months old at the time and nursing she didnt eat any real foods, and never had a bottle. It was not pretty for me or her. I was a leaking mess all over the place didnt have a pump or common sense. She refused to eat, my poor mom "nursed" her just to give her something to suck on. I know Liz tried her best to get her to eat but it was not fun for anyone. Now 10 years later I think I can be gone a little bit longer than a day. My idea of fun and his idea of fun are totally different so this will be interesting. I think he would like to fish all day.. I would like to scrap all day!! or shop!!

Got my new stamping up goodies!! Cant wait to play, did a little bit this weekend but not much. I want to start on valentine things ASAP!

Did I mention I got to teach my first Caravan class? It was fun, went alot smoother, with my discipline and rules. the kids are getting so rude and out of hand it just is not turning out to be any fun, Reagan doesnt want to go. I hoping with the new rules things will smooth out.

Oh what else is new for the week?? had softball yesterday, a lovely lunch with my mom at taco Joes. and resting with my family the other half of the day.. Today my sister and I did a little window shopping, we hit a few stores but couldnt find anything to buy :( Kinda a waste of time but good to get out and spend some time together. The baby has been sick and she is really stuck inside alot of the time. I am blessed to have a sister so close and that likes the same things/ most things as me :) made a nice spaghetti dinner for everyone.. oh and did haircuts this weekend too..

Very satisfying.. Now to watch Desperate housewives My favorite show!! Beside the Office and my new favorite Modern family..

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