Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another weekend come and gone

Here is my little one this weekend isnt she sweet. She loves dressing cute and wearing bows, and dresses and skirts. I will e heartbroken when the day comes that she wont let me dress her up.

BUT we have monday off!! Yeah. Rainys physical for swim is tomorrow. had a busy weekend Remi had her first softball game had fun but lost :(
It was also the womens Unite in Prayer this weekend. It was very educational, still trying to digest some of the info.
Oh did I mention I got my scrap room cleaned up!! I plan on posting pictures soon, after I organize a little more.
Rain is coming our way so I will be doing that this week while the rain comes down. Wish we would have gotten some wood :(
There was a huge earthquake in Haiti this week, it has been all over the news, and internet. So many people buried alive and crushed to death, it really makes you thankful. If you read this please say a prayer for the people in Haiti. I have been in prayer for them.
Gonna finish watching Avatar with my family it is a really good movie!

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  1. I love the team picture...Remi sure does personalize everything she does :-)