Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rain Rain and more Rain!

What a week it rained all 5 days, but sat and sunday was beautiful! It is freezing cold but so clean feeling out.. I had the pleasure of my nieces spending the weekend with us. Liz had to work reserves so we finally got to spend some time with them, I dont think we have them all day well I know for a month but it seems loger. Sat I stayed in my jammies all day and worked on altering mailboxes and helping Hannah do some layouts, I am md I didnt take a picture of her layouts before she took them home, they were really cute using the Paisley cartridge, I bought it back on thanksgiving but just now used it for the first time.. I know pathetic!

here is a quick layout I did with the Paisley it was just some scraps laying around but I think it turned out good..

Oh Casey got his shoes today.. What a pain he looked and looked online for some shoes he called about 10 stores, finally found some to go look at and 89.99 later he is set for the year.. Oh well I know I spend alot more on scrapping stuff than that. But just dont do it all at once.

Here is my 3 little one this week I am so proud of Connor he is doing really good on the potty training, no accidents!! I was taking a picture of the 2 little girls and he looked at them and says "oh cute" so I just to get him in the picture too! what a blessing these little ones are to me. I miss having Remi and Hannah home and Hayley, then Reagan, Jillian and Karly now I have these little ones and I know the days go so fast! They will be gone before I know it..

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