Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday at home

Casey had to work today which is a good thing we need any extra $ right now, they kids need back to school things and book money is coming due. Hannah and Hayley got to spend the past couple of nights here, we went to dinner with Granna and then shopping. She spent the night it was a nice time, she had to work saturday morning at 5 am so she left before anyone was awake. I wish more than anything my mom did not have to work so much we all enjoy spending time with her, but she is tired from working so much or working all the time :( .. We are trying to go get to the beach tonight after Casey gets home, the kids are excited. I have a migraine and need to get rid of it before a hour ride in the car. Promise to post pics if we make it down there.. Here is a couple layouts I did today, 1 is is using the new Stand and Salute cart and the other is Stretch your Imagination.

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