Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday July 6th

Just 36 days until the kids are back in school. I am really sad to see the summer flying by. They are excited to start a new year. But for me it makes me feel old. I love having them home and spending time with them. Today I have my nieces, my little sister and 2 little girls I babysit. The baby is napping while Rainy has the little girls swimming. We have dance class at 3:30 and a volleyball meeting at 6. I need to figure out something for dinner too. Just your normal daily things here on the homefront. I am going to share a few pictures. From last week.. We had a couple pool parties with my mom and sister. and I was working on some skirts, these are so fun and easy to make. I need to find some more fabric and make a few more all the girls want one now that they seen Reagan's. What cute pictures it would be all of them twirling around in them :) that is the things that make me happy and proud...Photobucket Photobucket

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