Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March in fast Forward

OK last day of spring break I got all the kids together for a picture, laura started her training for her job and we got to watch Jackson for her, what a fun couple of days. All the kids did really good with minimal fighting lol and crying.. Now this week back at school. and tomorrow will be the first day of April. I am not happy with how fast this year is going by... only 7 weeks left of school I think it is about 39 days of school. Still waiting to hear about the house, dont know if I will be moving this summer or what is gonna happen. But I am not stressing God has a plan and whatever it is I am fine with that, we have each other and jobs, and good health what else could I ask for. I ran into my friend Tina this morning, and got good news her husband is doing better, he has throat cancer and has finished his chemo and radiation, and is waiting to see if they got it all, he hasnt been able to eat for a few months, but she told me today he is getting outside mowing the lawn and and able to drive again. What a blessing to hear God is so good, we never know what will tomorrow will bring.

Here is a good quote Pastor Todd said Sunday at church and I dont want to forget it so Ill gonna put it here,
Dont let the failures of others determine your future. SO TRUE!!! think about it!

Next stop Grand Canyon, I took my girls and my mom to flagstaff Arizona to see her high school best friend, they just recently reconnected after 27 years, and I really wanted to meet her and her daughter Lauren, the Lord blessed with a nice place to stay, and then we took a train ride to the Grand Canyon, it was so much fun! my kids had so much fun, this was first "vacation" really going somewhere and staying the night and having a destination. The weather was beautiful, kinda cool but nice. Remi was in awe of all the snow everywhere. Casey got do fish all day saturday and wasnt all mad that he didnt get to come.

Next my baby turned 7!!! She wanted to go get a pedicure, and a starbucks just her and mommy! it was a special day I made her cupcakes, and did Meguils for dinner. we went to Disney on the first day of spring break and that was for her birthday too. Every year doesnt have to be a huge party. I also took her to walmart and let pick out a bunch of goodies, she got some stuff for her doll house, a dance leotard, and some shoes for Easter.

fast forward that is how I feel this month has gone, just way too fast!!! we had so much happen this month, we were busy almost every day, I know I had like 2 days to do nothing, but for the most part it was crazy!! We had Miss BCS awards, Remi got it for the first time for our family, Rainy was nominated but didnt get it. I am still super proud of both of them!

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