Thursday, February 10, 2011

my First Super Bowl party

So we had a idea to surprise dad at his house and have a party!

After church we got all the stuff together, I made 28 burritos, crab dip and crackers, Laura brought rice krispie treats, and salsa and chips, and Luke made a cheesecake and cottage cheese dip and chips.

around 3 pm we knocked on the door, Kathy was a little mad we didnt let her in on the surprise, but we didnt want to give her a chance to tell us no or to tell dad. Karly was so happy to see everyone she kept bouncing up and down lol..

Dad talked the entire time we were there, just the look on his face was priceless, we had such a blessed time with him, no cussing, no angry words, no on got in a fight, there was no drinking or smoking, just family spending a Sunday together watching the game. The kids mostly played and Jack followed them around. They all came in for the coin toss and the half time show to see Fergie and the Black eyed peas lol.. Such a good time! I pray we have many more!! Here is a group shot..

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