Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Spent Valentines in Los Angelas learning about lung transplants.
WOW we got a ton of info, about 3 1/2 hours listening and asking questions with the transplant coordinator. He has not gotten the approaval from Kaiser yet. Still has a few more tests to do and hopefully on March 8th his doctors will go to the board and present his case for a transplant. If the board approaves the transplant he will go to UCLA and they will have to approave him for a transplant. It seems so hard for this all to work out, there is one thing after another and Dad is so weak, and in so much pain it seems impossible, all the trips back and forth all the test, and then finding the right donor.. I am trying not to be discouraged, I know with God all things are possible and if it is the Lords will then it will all work out in His timing. Just gotta keep praying and being there to encourage my Dad.

Ok next thing my birthday the big "34" wow! half way to 68! I have to start excersizing and eating better! this week I am trying to eat at home more and cook food. I am not a good cook and I do not like cooking, but if I want to be healthy and here for my future grandkids I need to figure it out! and fast. Laura and Jermey and Jack stayed the night Thurdays night (my bday night) Friday me and Laura got breakfast and then I bought myself a Scentsy warmer from Sundae and boy do I love it! it is White and black and so cute! Went to Micheals and spent my gift card from christmas. Had a nice day, it was raining and Luke and the girls came and ending up staying the night, the 8 of us NOT including the little Smiths went thrift store shopping. Talk about funny is Luke going crazy in the Goodwill LOL>. what a hoot! he got like 2 jeans, some workout clothes and some shirts. Only thing is he refuses to try things on! that is rule #325 when thrift shopping..
ok gotta get these babies busy I have 2 days left with Hailey and then she starts preschool. I might have her 4 days in March.
It is a dark cloudy day today. I want to scrap and make some cards so badly.. I am really going to make an effort to do it this weekend! I did complete the backdrop for Mr. Mackenzie for Mr. and Miss BCS I will post pics of that next!

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