Friday, January 7, 2011

Week 1 with 3 babies

Ok so I was a little nervous to have a newborn again... Maybe I got a little stressed over nothing, this week went great, it was only 3 days but things went well, they all slept well, got along well and the days flew by. I still need to learn time management a little better, and plan meals a better, but the I will say I enjoyed it a little, the baby is just precious! for a second I would consider having another one, she just lays there and smiles at me, when I feed her she stares at me and little drops of milk drip down her chin, it is just so cute... The toddlers fought a little, but it is nothing to compared to a 6 and 7 year old fighting and arguing, and needing constant referring! They will just chill out and play with a baby doll, spend 10 minutes putting their shoes on.. Oh it is also nice that Hailey is potty trained! WOW now if I could just get Jaycie trained my life would be a little easier..

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