Saturday, December 18, 2010

1 week from today and it will all be over

Took a trip to my sisters last night, SCARY drive home, it was raining like crazy, foggy, cold, I was really nervous but made it home. We went to the mall while we were there, I cannot belive how NOT in the mood to shop I am this year, I do not seem to like spending money on gifts that I dont know people will love. I dont want to just buy things to buy them I want to be sure the recipient will LOVE them, I want something that the person will say WOW she really thought of me and took time to get me something I could use or enjoy! SO looks like I wont be buying that much this year! I did get a beautiful new entertainment center for the living room. I am so proud of myself too, I have been wanting something for about 5 years to make our living room a room not just a place to watch tv but to make it feel like a house. the tv has always beedn just floating in the room with DVD player and Direct tv box balanced on the top at any moment looking like they might fall off! Now it looks like something you would see in a grown-ups house. I am proud of it! Even more proud of what it cost me, I found it on craigslist for $200.00 the guy delivered it and set it up for another $20.00. Worked out perfect, Casey had to work 3 doubles in a row and with Christmas around the corner I wanted it the room before we have guest over. oh and with the rain coming it would be hard to move without getting it soaked. We are setting it up the rest of the way today and filling it up!

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