Tuesday, November 23, 2010


first day of school Rainy 10th, Remi 6th and Reagan 2nd. WOW time flies way too fast!!
Jill got her glasses!

summer times!!

My girl is 11 now!!

my babies are 2!!

did I mention Luke is talking to me again! YEAH we got to have a bday party at his house for hayley. she is 9 NOW

one of my favorite pictures, taken the day my sister was moving, I got to watch Jack for the day. He loves playing with my little girls. this was also one of my lst days with Hailey before Misty had Ashley.

LOVE this picture, she was so happy just eating her sucker..


my little cheerleader. she is so excited to cheer on the field with the older girls!

DISNEY!! love going, our passes are about to expire so our trips will be on hold for a while :( it was good while it lasted

my craft fair table!!

Oh I started drinking coffee!! what was I thinking, this stuff is worse than crack, (not like I have taken crack) but 1 time at my sisters I have a cup and next thing I know I out stocking the stores for a deal with a coffee pot with a timer!!

Got my new dishes I went FIESTA. I am so happy with it, I have wanted "grown up" dishes for a while! I bought 8 different colors 2 sets of four and 1 set of the other 4 colors. I cant wait to get more!!!

So much going on, we moved my sister moved, and getting settled in. LOVE our new house, working on making it home..

I have super busy with crafts, the church and the kids school, seems like I have something going on everyday of the week.. Rainy did her 2nd year in volleyball, Remi just finished her 2nd year in soccer. Reagan is cheering for the first time and still tap dancing. I am going to post a bunch of pictures.. These are mostly so I can rememver when they were taken. Fall 2010 has been one for the books for us. Casey has worked a crazy amount at work some weeks 80 hours or more. He has had maybe 2 days off in the past month. The over time is good but not good for getting projects done around here.

I had my first craft fair and had so much fun I am hosting my OWN for the womens ministy for our church. Pray things go well, I would love to do this once or twice a year for the womens ministry! Tonight I am doing stockings for the angel tree, I have about 5 or 6 women meeting me at the church, I enjoyed it so much last year, I wanted to do it again this year.

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